Antioxidants are the building blocks of health - defending and repairing our bodies at the age-defying cellular level. MusNatural is a premier antioxidant supplement.

Muscadine grapes are the king of antioxidant super fruits.

On the ORAC scientific scale of antioxidant effectivness, muscadine grapes score dramatically higher than every other berry and grape in its category. As a powerful antioxidant, MusNatural grape seed and skin extract fights disease and promotes general wellness and sustained energy.

MusNatural is a 100% natural, food supplement derived from premium Muscadine grapes native to the Southeast United States: Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee. MusNatural uses both the grape seeds and skins for diversity of bioavailable polyphenols and maximum effectiveness. Our product is grown and packaged in the U.S for superior quality and production standards.

For a scientific overview of muscadine grapes health benefits, read this article published in MD News, a leading U.S. publication for physicians and surgeons.

Research-backed and clinically proven, muscadine grape skin and seeds have been proven to prevent heart disease and stroke, manage diabetes, facilitate weight loss, improve sleep, prevent cancer, and improve the condition and appearance of skin and hair. NOW TRY MUSNATURAL WITH A 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

MD NEWS: The Health Benefits of Muscadine Grapes

Try MusNatural Today with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Learning About Muscadine Health

MusNatural Grape Seeds and Skin Capsules

Muscadine & Virus Prevention RESEARCH


    MusNatural muscadine grape food supplement contains both the seeds and the skin of premium black and bronze muscadine grapes for a full spectrum of nutritional antioxidant power and the health benefits of over 100 polyphenols.


    Over the past several decades, grape seed has been vigorously studied for its effectiveness as an antioxidant for anti-aging and prevention of chronic disease. Muscadine is the most potent form of grapeseed with more than 100 polyphenols for a plethora of health benefits.

    The National Library of Medicine at publishes and archives research and clinical trials.

    Survey the science here.


    The muscadine grape seeds and skin in MusNatural whole food supplement work in three ways to improve your health and slow aging. MusNatural is an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, and enhances overall blood flow in the human body.


    The scientific ORAC scale measures that anti-oxidant capacity of foods. The muscadine grape berry towers over other super fruits to to improve and sustain health.

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